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Originally posted by PeterR
I seriously don't think that Shodokan Aikido would have superceeded kendo - but of course it would have been cool to try.
The way I heard it, although Kendo would seem the obvious choice, its considered important that the demonstration sport shouldn't be too heavily dominated by the host nation. The success of non-japanese aikidoka in previous (and, hopefully, future) international competitions might have worked in (Shodokan) Aikido's favour.

Academic now, of course, since the games wont be going to Japan anyway. Another time, maybe.

Speaking as a former judoka though, I'm not sure how keen I'd be to see Aikido (Shodokan or otherwise) in the Olympics anyway. I'm not at all sure its been a positive thing for judo. Its a popular sport, but in many dojos its arguably ceased to be budo at all.

I recently met a BJA shodan who had never even seen let alone practiced kata.


Unfortuneately the big even held this month in the Osaka Olympic stadium is not going to include me. I can't justify going and moving back to Japan in January. Money and time being precious.

Interesting Tomiki quote by the way put on the Shodokan web

Commiserations on missing out on Maishima. I take it you're back in Canada for the time being then?

Do you happen to know if the tournament results will be posted on a website anywhere?

I found that quote very interesting too, by the way. I quite often get into discussions about why our aikido is called "Shodokan" rather than "Tomiki-style", and its good to have something authorative to point people at!

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