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Benjamin Edelen wrote:
That is a good point, I just wanted to mention that such things are a part of our record of his life. Of course you would not want to send you child to a Klan meeting. Nevertheless you would not necessarily expect your child to turn out bad if they studied Nazism in school. There is an important difference between learning about ideas and being told that ideas are the "Truth" about the world. The problem lies not in the existence of the idea, but in the character of its dissemination and the character of those chosen to receive the idea. An example is the new Pope, who despite being a member of the Hitler Youth, has made his life a passionate attempt at reconciliation, and even though I do not agree with his conservative leanings, I think he has done a good job of proving that humans choose to be what they are, they are not merely the playthings of the various memes with which they are infected.

As much as I believe I'm a independent thinker, unless I have version directly from "God", I'm bound to learn "ideas" from others.

Suppose the Germany defeated U.S. and the new Pope remained under Nazi party, do you still think somehow he'd denounce Nizism and become devoted catholic. Suppose O'sensei didn't get the omoto teaching, do you still think he'd hold the meiin ideas until his death?

men are product of circumstances. Only a few true saints and very crazies can stand alone.
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