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I seriously don't think that Shodokan Aikido would have superceeded kendo - but of course it would have been cool to try.

Unfortuneately the big even held this month in the Osaka Olympic stadium is not going to include me. I can't justify going and moving back to Japan in January. Money and time being precious.

Interesting Tomiki quote by the way put on the Shodokan web

Tomiki sensei was Morihei Ueshiba's top deishi (apprentice) and the first person to receive an 8th dan from Ueshiba sensei. In spite of this, after Ueshiba's death, Tomiki sensei was criticized for his style and type of practice by the elite members of the Aikido association from the main dojo. The association members felt that Tomiki's methods were so different that they wanted him to refrain from using the term Aikido in regards to what he was teaching. I recall Tomiki sensei's strong reaction to this order. "I have only one master and that is Ueshiba sensei. It is he, and only he, who is capable of excommunicating me."

The above war written by Tetsuro Nariyama Shihan of Shodokan Aikido.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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