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Re: Budo, Bushido

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
Roosvelt, Nazism did not cause the holocaust, people did. Ideas are just ideas, they have benefits and drawbacks. It is a cop-out for someone to blame his actions on some philosophy, be it political, societal, or religious.
I know that. So there is no difference if you send your kids to a Christan church, a KKK campus, a communist party, a buddha temple, a islam fighter cell, or a strip join every sunday morning? Ideas just ideas, right?

There is good idea and bad idea and evil idea. Good ideas don't generate good deed always. But evil ideas for sure generate less good deeds.

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
In addition you are dead wrong about Osensei's views on bushido. Osensei was a close personal friend of the very people who used bushido to influence young Japanese people to join the military during WWII. Osensei was at least associated with multiple members of a Japanese secret society whose goal was to use bushido to re-glorify the samurai families by creating a class-oriented military hierarchy as the first step to returing to a pre-meiji social structure.
O'Sensei was a soider during Japanese invasion of China. I'm not surprised about his political views during that time. Did he still hold this meiji idea in his late life? Did that happen before his "enlightenment" or after?
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