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Originally posted by AikidoNuB

I am not really sure why Fugakukai has competition in Judo and not Aikido, other than the fact that..."and this is just how I veiw it," Judo is considered mostly a sport as opposed to a martial art. Though it clearly has attributes to be good for both. I think it might be interesting to see Aikido as an olympic Would be hard to keep competitors in a ring or on the mat...they'd be tossed all over the place...hehe You have a good question...just one I am unable to answer.

I do believe that sparing or randori or whatever you term it is essential in learning self-defense. But since self-defense wasn't why I took up studying Aikido...I can take it or leave it. Hope I didn't babble too much.

Take care
Hi John and all,

Funnily enough, had the 2008 Olympics gone to Osaka rather than Beijing, Aikido was possibly going to appear as a demonstration sport. (I think it would have come down to a choice between Aikido and Kendo).

Thanks for your answer.

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