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Re: Fight or Quit: there is no choice

Having read to original article, and the comments, it reminded me of a quote in an old friend of mine's training diary which was read at his funeral after he was killed in a cycling accident following being hit by a drunk driver. (He was preparing for the Olympics)

The quote he wrote was "Do not fear dying; fear not living"

This friend of mine lived every moment of his life. He never failed, because he loved everything he did, and did the things he loved, and therefore the enjoyment he received from the pursuit was victory in itself.

We all fail, especially if we push ourselves to the limit, because that is the only way we find out where that line is. The true test is if you are willing to try again when you have hit that wall or to make an honest decision that the test was not for you. (either at that time or perhaps never)

The only question is where each of us personally sets the bar to begin with, and what weight we place on that bar on our priority list with work, school, and family etc.

As a "mature" athlete (or so I like to consider myself being 50+) my bar has changed but the effort and honesty of effort is still there. (now a 10 min/mile pace feels the same as 6 or seven used to!!!!)

I don't know of one aikido test I have done where I was certain that I would pass but I still tested. But this is me, and I am not the other guy. One fellow I practice with, who is a couple of tests behind me, who should be at my level on the board, is not. He simply is not ready yet, and "readiness" is essential for any step in the learning process. But I blather on...........

"Don't quit and don't die".

Doesn't work for me. How about "Follow your passion, test your limits, and don't cheat yourself." (perhaps too long but you get the gist.)


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