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Re: Fight or Quit: there is no choice


The quip, "Don't quit and don't die" was in answer to someone's question a few years ago. "What's the secret to making it over fifty years of training?" The only real truth I could give is, "don't quit", and then the facetious second part came out. The "truth" is always paradoxical... about anything. To make the journey last over fifty years, the only truth I could give is, "don't quit and don't die".

As stated in the earlier post, there's a difference, in my mind, between quitting and making a choice to stop or change. I agree one hundred percent that "being attached to any idea and refusing to abandon it is dangerous"; that very thing helps cause most of the problems we encounter as human beings. Being able to make responsible decisions, to be willing to risk, to be flexible, to change is what enables us to survive. Quitting, to me, is something entirely different. Saying, "I quit!" is different than telling your boss, "I'm giving notice (or no notice) that I'm resigning." In tactics, running away is very different than changing directions.

I suspect we're dancing around with semantics while saying something very similar.

Edit: I just saw John's reply. I agree with what he wrote. Well said, John.

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