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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Clark Bateman wrote:
Rather than seizing an opportunity to exploit even the slightest connection to O'Sensei, NGA has steadfastly disavowed any such references, and continued to point to their lineage from many of the same sources that O'Sensei happened to use for his own development. I can respect that, have seen nothing substantive to refute it, and that is why I used the world "parallel" to describe the development of NGA. FWIW.
To believe what you wrote you have to know almost nothing about the history of Aikido on the east coast. I respect that coming in and looking at the picture several decades later, you may feel that you have to take claims at face value, however the memories of old men and the deceased paint a very very different picture.

Let me be clear. I am not saying Bowe claimed to invent NGA, I am saying that he did invent it and then invented a lineage back to Japan for it upon opening his school in his small town in the late 60's - early 70's period. How common is that story in the martial arts ? (rhetorical question). Fast forward a few decades to the world wide web where anything passes for fact if dressed up enough. Whether or not it would stand up to the kind of careful historical research Stanely Pranin does is another matter.

again says nothing about NGA as an effective martial art, that is not at issue.

but passing it off as having some kind of direct parallel connection to Daito Ryu and therefore being an example non-Ueshiba related "aikido",


only generational amnesia allows that to be taken seriously.

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