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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

While it may be true that the Nihon Goshin Founder trained under the elder Yoshida, from what I have seen of Nihon Goshin Aikido, there is very little left of that influence left in what passes for Nihon Goshin Aikido now. My only direct exposure to what Yoshida taught comes from my training with Angier Sensei who trained under the younger Yoshia when he came to the States. If what Angier Sensei is doing is in any way related to what the elder Yoshida taught (which I believe it is), then Nihon Goshin Aikido retained almost none of it. I have see some Nihon Goshin Aikido here, including some video footage of one of their senior instructors, and it just looks like a simplified, more physical Aikido, with very little Aiki. They like to bill themselves as doing a more martial version of Aikido but from what I have seen it's simply not true, at least not when compared to what I've been taught as Aikido. As for the kind of almost magical subtlety you'd get from training with Angier Sensei doing Yanagi Ryu, his former students like Richard Elias etc. teaching the Yoshida derived system, or even Toby Threadgill Sensei who teaches Takamura Ha Shindo Ryu but trained extensively with Angier Sensei, it's completely missing from Nihon Goshin Aikido as it's generally presented now. It may have had that when it was founded in Japan, it may even have still had it as taught by the senior American who brought it from Japan... I don't know because I have never seen him. But what I have seen is a fairly simplified system of jiu jutsu with very little Aiki and in that sense its use of the term Aikido is open to question in my opinion.

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