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Re: Budo, Bushido

Mathew McDowell wrote:
Ok, I am quiet new here and have been dabbling in posts.
From what I see there are people here who, wait I will Form categories.
1.People who respect the "way" as a budo perspective and adore its deep meanings.
2.People who respect the bushido aspect.
3.Cross trainers who respect both aspects. And wish to deepen their martial instincts and progress not only as warriors but as people.
4.People that wish to be harder and faster and better than the next.
5.And the people that love flowery language,zen riddles and also pulling apart posts to construct a political debate for the aikido world to feast on.
That last category does never apply to voices of expeirence. And George I love your stuff, I love Saotome, and respect. When it is due. I especially love the dynamics of aikido artisticly displayed "On canvas" by Saotome, better than cheap words.
Now Being said, and respect for all categories, which category do you fall under? There is a category that is exclusive of course just to me the category being "I just LOVE aikido" Now I do expect some bites but lets get real! Were are we here, I have seen disrespect posted toward Japanese culture, people not understanding that battles over land and other assets do not exsist in modern day Japan. Not True. Although less brutal.

Is English your first language?


Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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