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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Hello Craig. Although I always find your posts very useful, I have to disagree with you here. Richard Bowe did not invent NGA, never has claimed to. He was simply the first American to bring it to the U.S. He claims lineage from extensive training in Japan under Shodo Morita, who is credited as the founder of NGA, as well as the one who sanctioned the use of the term "aikido". Shodo Morita derived his art from aspects of his training in Daito-Ryu, Judo, Karate, Kobudo and other "esoteric" arts. His Daito-Ryu training came from Yoshita Kotaro, direct student of Sokaku Takeda.

The connection you make to O'Sensei through Richard Bowe's attendance at some of Koichi Tohei's seminars is, in my opinion, superficial, and simply can't be used to define NGA. It was certainly not uncommon in Japan in those days for budoka to be curious about, and seek training in, many other arts. Bowe was probably influenced on some level by Tohei Sensei (how could one not be?), but Bowe's presence at Tohei seminars probably had little effect on what Shodo Morita was doing in his NGA system.

Rather than seizing an opportunity to exploit even the slightest connection to O'Sensei, NGA has steadfastly disavowed any such references, and continued to point to their lineage from many of the same sources that O'Sensei happened to use for his own development. I can respect that, have seen nothing substantive to refute it, and that is why I used the world "parallel" to describe the development of NGA. FWIW.
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