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Neil Mick
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Re: Gokyo-why?

Steve Morabito wrote:
Are there other situations or attack forms where Gokyo appears to be the "better" choice?
IMO, this is the wrong question. Is sankyo "better" than ikkyo?

It is better to think of these forms as organic movements that lead from one to the other. Try practicing shomenuchi ikkyo, blending into nikkyo, then sankyo, all the way through the progressive movements into gokyo, to see what I mean.

Are folks practicing Gokyo regularly?
Certain movements go in and out of "fashion." Gokyo isn't demonstrated much, which (IMO) is a pity.

From what attack forms do you practice it?
Any attack.

Does Gokyo have the same value as other immobilizations?
Yes, it does. Wait till you learn rokyo!
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