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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Clark Bateman wrote:
Nihon Goshin Aikido is a style which developed PARALLEL to O'Sensei's Aikido, rather than from it. Both styles take their origin from DaitoRyu, but little else is common. Nihon Goshin came to the US in the late sixties with Richard Bowe Sensei of New Jersey, a respected MA in his own right, who still teaches, and who has never implied a connection to Aikikai or any of its derivatives. NGA simply does their own thing.
This is simply wrong.

Richard Bowe attended seminars by Koichi Tohei Sensei in the 1960's. When he invented his own school, he was told not to call it Aikido. In the sixties, Black Belt magazine was young, it had many favorable articles on Aikido. Aikido was new and mysterious. It's not surprising why he marketed his school as Aikido. You can look at their testing syllabus today and see things that were clearly derived from Tohei Senseis style of teaching. The idea that Richard Bowe had any contact with anything called Aikido in Japan is very doubtful.

Now, does this mean that as a form of jujutsu after 30 years of devoted development by Bowe and his students, NG could not be a great martial art. Absolutely not.

Is it Aikido ?

If Bowe was honest about the history, maybe you could argue that.

Something parallel to Ueshiba. No.

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