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Re: Traditional Aikido vs Nihon Goshin

Sure I have every right to take everything I have learned from different arts, invent some of my own moves - write my own
system and collection of techniques, open a school and call
it Self-defense Judo.

Hey, I decided to call it Judo so it's Judo.
It's just not Kano's Judo.


If you are going to expand the definition of a label to suit your marketing to the public, you can expect that you will encounter others who will disagree with your arbitrary relabeling and feel you are misleading the public.

The thing is, there already is a broad category label for Japanese derived arts that would create no disagreement - "jujutsu"

Nihon Goshin Jujutsu
Korindo Jujutsu

and then

Aikido == Ueshiba derived jujutsu
Judo == Kano derived jujutsu
Daito Ryu == Takeda derived jujutsu

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