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Re: Slow Aikido

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
I think basically it's the same unweighting to move or change direction in skiing/skating. You can do the normal jump up and move/change direction. Or you can jump down and move/change direction.
While Skiing and Skating, your already in motion and all your doing is channelling the motion so it's not the same.

Stand there in from of a mirror and take a step towards it. If your head telegraphs your movement, then your shifting your weight to move which is natural, but really isn't that efficient.

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
I don't think slow aikido is a good goal, you need to learn move your centre very fast and faster.
I'm glad that works for you, but I have to disagree 100%. In my opinion, efficient movement isn't dependent on speed. It's has more to do with timing.
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