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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Philadelphia Dojos Testimonials

I haven't trained at Donnovan Waite Sensei's dojo, but I have trained with him at a seminar, and his aikido is fantastic. Since I only trained with him that once, I can't really speak to what his dojo is like.

I have trained several times at the Philadelphia Aikikai under Henry Smith Sensei, and I love training there. They have always made me feel very welcome, and the training was always rigorous but safe. It should be noted that I am a yoshinkan guy, so do things a little strangely sometimes, but they always put up with me and just smile... One of their members just started posting here more, so maybe he'll join in. His name is Ed Shockley (a really nice and REALLY BIG) guy.

You may want to consider trying the Doshinkan in Roxborough in your visits...but it is some distance away from the other two dojo you mentioned.

Ron (hope you enjoy aikido where-ever you train!)

Ron Tisdale
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