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Philadelphia Dojos Testimonials

Hi all,

I've recently started looking into martial arts to help me get back into shape and, after much research, decided that aikido might be something I want to pursue. I'm currently in the Philadelphia area and I'm planning on visiting some of the dojos nearby to see what the atmosphere is like and figure out if this is something I can really pursue for the long-term.

However, I would also like to get some info from people who go to these dojos, specifically the two nearest to my location (Philadelphia Aikikai and Aikido of Center City). Do the people who go to these dojos enjoy their time there? What is the relationship between sensei and students like? What about between students and students? What is the training like? Etc., etc.,

Obviously, I'm going to visit and figure these things out for myself. But I would just like some insight as to what to expect from people at Philly dojos currently. Thanks a lot.
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