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Re: High level power abuse

[quote=Mary Eastland]

Nor do I expect him to be anything other than he is....a human being. (FLawed just like we all are.)


I get that you are highly concerned about the actions of two adults, one of whom you have recognized as an authority figure in your training and life.

Would you consider the possibility that these two people have chosen to take this (risk) on, just as you have chosen to recognize it and seek guidance as to whether to speak to someone about?

IMHO, life is a series of choices and we all make good ones and bad ones. We tend to learn from the bad ones. It seems like you need to make a choice as to whether you should confront these two people regarding their own choices...

...Please consider as to who will receive the satisfaction from any discussion that you choose to have. There is a risk of losing close friendships. As you have said previously that a dojo is like a family, and like with any family there can be rifts that are hard to mend.

I wish you good luck in your decision and hope that you are able to enjoy your training.

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