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Re: Best Advice Your Sensei Ever Gave

Tony Cameron wrote:
Training with Endo Sensei at a seminar in Seattle last year he said something along the lines of:. "Stop making fists so much, keep your palms open. When you make a fist, the Ki is truncated. with palms open the Ki shoots out infinitely through your fingers and palm." that kind of stuck with me for some reason.

of course, Endo Sensei had a translator and my memory isn't that great so hopefully i didn't completely butcher that quote

No, you got the point. In fact, many aikidoka from an early ki-oriented background will keep their index fingers extended even when grasping and/or throwing, because it signifies the extension of ki. I was taught that it made kind of a "ki fountain". Unfortunately, when I do it, I often end up with a jammed finger, a sprain, or poked in the eye with my own finger. Very embarrassing...
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