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Re: High level power abuse

Now that Frank has fleshed out his description of what he saw, it seems that several issues may come to the front. The action for each issue depends on Frank's personal position.

If Frank's issue is that they are being indiscreet and foolish, he might want to mention to one or both that he witnessed their conduct and that they should keep private moments private.

If he is concerned that the conduct will damage the dojo, then he might consider having that conversation with his sensei.

If he is concerned that the student is being taken advantage of, he might want to discuss that very clearly with the sensei.

If Frank's issue is from a moral perspective, then he should discuss his concerns with both and perhaps leave the dojo if he doesn't like or agree with what their response is.

I once had a leadership instructor talk about mistakes and misconduct. He said there are three types of mistakes; those of the head, of the heart, and of the hormones. Mistakes of the head are those when the individual thought he knew the rules, policy or procedure and did the wrong thing through ignorance. Mistakes of the hormones are those when people seem unable to control their own emotions and mistakes of the heart are those touching on evil. Mistakes of the head are easy to correct and usually just require some guidance and training. Mistakes of the hormones are a little more difficult and usually require some form of punishment. There are no corrections for mistakes of the heart. Frank is in a tough position and I don't envy what lies ahead for him.

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