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Re: Poll: How much progress do you think you made in aikido in 2005?

I think i made a lot of progress in 2005, because i just started training in september 2004, and that means that most of my practice so far was done in 2005. Concerning the fact that i'm a newbie, you could say that the learning curve is quite steep. So, if i were to compare my current aikido progress with the one i had in 2004 when i started, i'd say i made a lot of progress, tested for two belts, yada yada yada.... All the things that i've experienced are simply amazing... beginning with the basic ikkyo, all the way to breakfalls...and all the beautiful techniques such as tenchinage and kokyu-nage, all the times when you just lay on the floor, smiling and wondering how your sensei managed to throw you like that, still being unable to figure out how exactly you ended on the mats.

I sincerely hope that the following year 2006 will be even more productive than 2005 for everyone who studies aikido. There is a lot for me to learn yet (i don't even know all the common techniques). If i were to pinpoint a task i would like to focus on doing in year 2006, it would be improving my posture and zanshin, among other things.

I guess it's back to training now

Sincerely yours in ,
Nebojsa Mrmak
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