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Re: High level power abuse

Some of the opinions on this matter concerns me. A lot of people seem to think that Frank was thrusted into the situation just because something happened in public and he happened to see it. For all the folks that think this way, the next time you happend to hold hands, give a quick kiss, pat the person in your life on the butt, etc... in public, don't be alarmed if everyone who saw the offense starts to give you their opinion on the matter. I think that this is rubbish. People are also assuming that the sensei's wife would be upset if she finds out about what happened and would ask for a divorce or that her husband might confront the sensei on the mat. There is no facts in evidence to support these assumptions. For all you know, she might have given him permission to seek a little on the side and the friends husband might be on the one cheating and doesn't care what the lady does. You go to the dojo to train and not follow the sensei's lifestyle or take on his religion, end of story. They are adults and its their business. Keep out of it.
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