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Re: High level power abuse

Lip lock and hand to breast-more than a discretion in my mind with both being married. In the business world, a person of authority would be legally placing the company at risk with such behavior-it's called sexual harassment-even if both are consenting. There are times and places for everything. This is not an issue of being moralistic. Its an issue of respect for one's authority and position and the responsibilities accompanying that charge. Also, what are the potential liabilities if the spouses found out? If this behavior took place in the business, could the business or organization be sued for its role? What if "Frank" was not the one catching them, but rather the wife or husband? If they are careless enough for Frank to stumble upon them, perhaps they are at risk for others doing so as well.

Yes this is complicated. Yes everyone has moralistic views and opinions. However, there is potentially a lot at stake here in that this could affect two families and the credibility of a school or organization and result in legal repercussions. Take it out of the dojo is my suggestion.
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