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Re: High level power abuse

Thank you Mary. I now understand where you are coming from. But, I would be willing to believe that a new person at your dojo would look upon you with almost worshiping eyes as a child would a pastor. Intended or not this is going to happen when you have experts in this kind of field. Its just going to happen. As I have done with my Master, I now know this to be a mistake. Add in personal problems outside the dojo and you have the possibility of abuse.


Hi Frank:
I know exactly what you are talking about.

And becasue I have been around for a while I have seen a bit.

We used to belong to an organization where "power" was taken and given. I never bought into it. While I admired the Sensei's Aikido I could never really see why I should act deferential because other people did. I am training to become strong and compassionate.

I was respectful and I appreciated his Aikido. His way of being off the mat was not something I aspired to become.

Nor do I expect him to be anything other than he is....a human being. (FLawed just like we all are.)

I am also very glad that we are now an independent organization that is not interested in the illusion of giving and taking of power.

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