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Re: High level power abuse

I think a lip lock and mirror hand to breast about covered it. Thats when I left, neither of them noticing that I was ever there.

Neil Mick wrote:
OK, here's one for all you moral purists:

Relationships are complicated enough. Some of you seem to make the assumption that this Sensei committed some great evil, practically fornicating on the mat.

Herein lies the fallacy of empathizing overmuch with the narrator. "Frank" has presented us with a
story, if you will...a story in which he saw an "intimacy." On this little information alone, many of you assume that this is an abuse of his authority, that he should be called out on the carpet, etc, ad nauseum. Tsk.

Supposing Sensei was giving her a friendly hug, that went on for a wee-bit too long? You don't really know, the degree of the intimacy, do you? Yet, some of you are onboard here, talking about "abuse of power."

Again, it's about how much, how obvious, and how blatant is the indiscretion.

P.S. (With all due respect to "Frank," of course. I'm not suggesting that he's making things up--just that ppl assume a lot, from so little decription offered.)
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