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Originally posted by PeterR
I might explain to my kohei the concept of changing technique but I consider it really bad form to go off on your own tangent - sensei be dammed.
In my opinion, that is one of the major problems of some Aikido training. Some people watch the teacher demonstrate a technique. When they practice the technique, they do the technique, regardless if their partner is capable and/or wants to recieve the technique. They'll force the technique to "work" even though it may not be appropriate. And all of this is done to avoid "bad form."

And what if a teacher tells you to do something that clearly violates a principle of Aikido? Do you do what the teacher tells you to do as so not to appear disrespectful? Or do you actually think for yourself?

Is Aikido about doing things right or doing the right thing?

YoungIn "Bad Form" Park
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