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It could be worse

I hear you!

I am in a similar situation, training at a small dojo where the instructor doesn't go to many seminars, and rarely trains. Currently, when he does train with us, he gets winded very easily. He rarely attends seminars, and unfortunately his lack of enthusiasm for seminars has spread to many of the other dojo members.

I often feel like the lone voice in the wilderness, trying to get everyone else, including the sensei, to go to seminars. Sometimes, it works, but the basic issue (that the sensei lacks enthusiasm and ambition) remains. I wonder if he is uncomfortable with having a lot of higher-ranked students, and lately I feel like he's pulling away from the dojo a bit, asking students to cover his classes more and more often. I think that wouldn't be such a bad idea, but in the meantime we're left with a serious lack of leadership. It's as if the dojo (not just me) has outgrown its sensei. It's a very awkward feeling, and I don't know where it will lead.

The conclusion I've come to, after struggling with this issue for a while, but mostly in the past year, is that I've come to a point where I really have to be self-directed in my training, and/or look outside my regular dojo for direction. If I could train somewhere else, I would, but aikido is not quite important enough to me that I would pull up my roots to go to another dojo. You have to keep training, one way or another, if you want to progress. The question is how to do that without a sensei that you see regularly.
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