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Re: Defining Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
This is where I say I won't.
Then you say I can't
And you yourself…………….never do.
You offer nothing here or elsewhere beyond the same generalities some of us offer. At least Rob and I talk about some exercise and certain things we do…something…anything.....beyond telling everyone else they can't understand internal skills. Makes me wonder why you're fishing so hard.
As someone once commented to me offline, Dan, you apparently have never read many of my posts. I explained many of these things *exactly*. I'm not sure why you keep insisting that I "never do" when the archives show that you're completely wrong.
Oh…….almost forgot…..this is where you write…
"See like I guessed, you can't describe internal skills."
And this is where you do_______________________________________________not either.

Pleasant but transparent game.
Oddly enough, I've described before exactly what "internal" means, Dan... either on AikiWeb or the Aikido Journal forum. So.... I already have. You can't, it seems obvious, since you've dodged direct questions so many times. Let me suggest again, though, before this gets too far off base, that there is nothing really new in the recent martial arts, whether it's Daito Ryu, Aikido, Taiji, Hun Gar, Wing Chun, Six-Harmonies Mantis, or whatever. In other words, this style-fixation you have about Daito Ryu is somewhat beside the larger point. The larger point, in regard to your "internal" and "external" paradigms (you really should dig into this one, Dan, since it's important to where you're trying to come from) is that the principles are the same, despite the variations in approach and development. Again, the real question is whether Ueshiba got access to one of the differing approaches. Based on what Rob indicates about Akuzawa and based on what details you've mentioned, it appears that Ueshiba *did* do something different from the Daito Ryu approach (caveat: I don't have any input from truly knowledgeable DR people, so I'm suggesting probabilities).


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