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Ed Shockley
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Re: High level power abuse

I am sure that it is a misuse of language but I utilize Sensei as someone who is a competent teacher of Aikido while Shidoin is someone who models the principles of the art. It's just a way to separate the ideas in my head. If I attend a dojo to learn the movement art and budo of Aikido then a gifted Sensei is enough. If I embrace the training as a life path then I am best served by a Shidoin. There is no right or wrong in this just a reflection of two possible attitudes toward my needs in a dojo. Based on this I can decide where I want to train and what behavior I require from an instructor. What I wouldn't want to do is project my choice onto another. Whatever I choose is about my needs not their behavior. Obviously it changes if someone is abusing another person as in kids class or torturing on the mat because of domestic disagreements but empowered adults have the right to make choices, even wrong ones. I am responsible only for myself and for defending the weak. So the question is, based on the definition above, "Do you require a Sensei or a Shidoin?"
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