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Ed Shockley
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Re: Training, Training, & More Training?

My own Sensei who have nearly eighty years of Aikido between them have frequently repeated that there should come a point where I feel as you do. It doesn't mean that we become as good as our instructors but rather that the combination of their effectively indoctrinating us into their Aikido vision and our developing our own interpretation mean that we must seek out our own road. I was told that doesn't necessarily require one to leave ones dojo or become a Sensei but it may. I have always thought this a major reason for the seminar requirement in Aikikai (along with other political and economic realities.) I humbly suggest that you respect your Sensei for preparing you so well that you require greater stimulation. That rei should inspire you to seek out either in practice or in travel the stimulation that you need without expecting Sensei to lead you there. He may be inspired by your example and reveal subtle ideas that he has heretofore neglected, he may disown you, who knows. I do think we owe great respect to anyone who has prepared us so well that our thirst exceeds their expertise. I am curious what dan rank your sensei has attained? I can't imagine reaching the bottom of the bucket with my Sensei in all areas of Aikido but ask me again in ten years.

happy hunting

PS: The senior students at my dojo travel as a group once every two months to dojos suggested by our Sensei. That goes a long way toward keeping things fresh.
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