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Amir Krause
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Re: No Touch Throws

Willi Brix wrote:
Yeah. They call that "en randori" in Korindo. Everybody does ukemi, and Ueshiba stands in the middle, with his hand held up. Not to knock anything, but I can do that...
Sometimes people should tone down the hype a bit, really.
Would you mind explaining the connection between "en Randori" in Korindo Aikido and a video with Ueshiba ?

It is true that while practicing "en Randori" at some stages one can sense a technique before it happens and should choose to fall rather then let tori force him down. This is a wise behavior on Uke side for this type of practice, though not for all types of practice. Since developing sensitivity is one of the purposes of "en Randori" and once you feel a technique before it is applied, one can counter it in a flowing manner rather then use force to object to it.

But the above description has nothing to do with the concept of "No Touch Throws", Tori has every intention to perform a full technique and touch Uke, Uke decides to breakfall before the touch occurs, but Uke would have to fall from the technique if he waited a moment longer.

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