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Re: High level power abuse

Mary Eastland wrote:
I think the name of this thread is wrong. There can only be power abuse if you give your power away. You are an adult and so are they. Women are not any weaker than men and don't need to be protected. I don't think what they do is any of your business. If you don't like it train somewhere else.

Mary, with respect to your rank, if you can not see the abuse of power here I don't know what to say. It would not matter if it was a high level female in the power position it would still be very wrong. Martial Arts to me is not just training, the dojo is my home the people there are part of my family it is a way of life that I would miss very much. I guess some dojos are not like that, which makes even more a reason to find a good resolution and stay.

Kevin, thank you, I am beginning to wonder if I need to just "suck it up" and let it work itself out. Still not real sure what to do but this thread and the people on it have been very helpfull.
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