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Mike Sigman
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Re: Defining Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
I have read enough lately to understand what Mike refers to as the "southern styles" are are the lesser of the styles and are generally considered to be more "hard" style and not soft.....hence less internal.. Personally, I find comments for the body work I have been doing for years as "hard style" hilarious.
I'm not sure what you "understand", Dan, but the predominant spread of Chinese martial arts has always been from the southern Shaolin roots. Look at the trade and shipping routes and you'll understand why (maybe). In fact, the predominant martial arts practiced in the current Chinese army have strong southern Shaolin roots.

Instead of just saying how "hilarious" you find a comment relating to what "internal", etc., means, why don't you see if you can argue the point with some facts. I'll bet you can't even define what "internal" means, just to throw a conversation starter out there. Nothing personal... but there's your challenge to see if you can deal with facts and not personalities.


Mike Sigman
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