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Re: Treatment of "difficult" students

Originally posted by BC
I'm curious how other instructors deal with students in their classes that for whatever reason, purposely act difficult with their training partners?
In the beginning for two years, I regularly trained with someone who was extraordinarily difficult. He would watch the instructor demonstrate the technique to know where he should resist his partner. Since he was bigger and stronger than me, I couldn't force the technique even if I wanted to.

I heard an instructor (and several times after that) say if your partner resists, do another technique. So whenever he resisted, I did a different technique. The most annoying thing was to hear my partner, after getting up off the floor, tell me that I did the "wrong technique."

Although he no longer practices Aikido, I recently saw my former training partner. I thanked him for being an asshole. I told him that I actually learned a lot from him. And I told him I thought he was one of the best training partners I've had.

I'll admit in the beginning it was frustrating as hell. There were several days in which I didn't even bother to try to throw him. Reflecting back on my experience with a difficult training partner, I realized he taught me a great deal.

But I still get annoyed whenever someone resists, I do a different technique and they complain. I actually had another partner screaming the whole way down to the ground, "You're doing the wrong technique!"

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