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Re: High level power abuse

I would like to thank you all for your input. I will think on this for a bit longer to determine the best approach for all involved. I do indeed know the woman as a very close friend with whom I have been a shoulder to cry on and a confidant to talk with about how to try and get her marriage back on track. It is for this reason that I know how vulnerable she is. There very well could be more to the story so I will tread lightly.
Neil, I understand what you are saying. It's his dojo, his business to run how he feels. But, on the other hand when you open a school that parents bring their children in to learn proper living you have to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Not to mention adults who might go out and open schools of their own following the Masters lead. My definition of Aiki would be harmony within and/or united in spirit. Would you not agree that this is creating an atmosphere of non-harmony? I am indeed trying to speak with her but she is avoiding me, go figure. I will indeed think very carefully about speaking with Sensei if and when I do.
Thank you Mindy, it is a mess indeed. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of it and I do not want others to find out for sake of the dojo. It affects my training and my training of the lower belts.

Thank you all again,


PS I have only been doing Aikido for just over 3 years…..did I hit some chord with the "un-Aiki" comment??
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