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Ai symbol

Okay...this may seem to be a silly question, but I have to ask. It is about clothing (again). Specifically, about a gi.

My question actually regards the movie Fist of Legend (a great Jett Li movie, which I would be happy to post the movie's synopsis if anyone would like to read it). The movie deals with a certain aspect of the occupation of China by Japan, pre-WWII. How this deals with the gi? Well, most of the Japanese depicted in the movie (and it wasn't too prejudice) were Kendoists. Most all of them wore hakama (and the master wore a brown hakama - in regards to the hakama color question). Their dogis were amazing. They were very elegant, with large sleeves (with tie-ups to shorten the length for combat and training) and made of a very classy material. The combination of very well-maintained hakama and very elegant dogi made for a very striking appearence.

Now, on to my question (sorry for the length). Is there ANYWHERE that I can find such a gi? Or a pattern for such a gi? The large, flowing sleeves and such. If anyone can help me out on this, I would really appreciate it. Note that this would be for a more formal wear, and not for standard Aikido practice.


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