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Re: Iriminage Question

The foot work as you step to throw uke depends on the style of Aikido being practiced. I too have Shioda Sensei's books and dvds. They step diagonally behind uke as you do the last part of the iriminage. On my dvd, I also see that nage is applying a hip check to uke since he is stepping at a diagonal and you literally see uke being projected to the side as he is going down. This is probably what the Sensei was telling you when he said that uke should land on the outside.

My dojo is Aikikai and we step straight as we perform the last part of the technique. Uke tends to land on the side of you not in front. However, you can make uke land in front of you if you tend to hook your arm towards your center as you are performing the last part of the technique.

Now, with that all said. I think you can do either one of the three throws to be correct, but, it is all predicated on whether uke has a friend with him or not and where that friend is located during your process of throwing uke. One of my instructors Aikido is more street oriented and he tends to have uke fall in front of him so that he can perform a full body osae. Which happens to be one of his favorite locks and I just happend to take 99.999% of ukemi from him when he teaches {not fun for the lock is extremely painful}.
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