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Re: Hmmm Interesting

Originally posted by L. Camejo
An option for more experienced practitioners can be to become more relaxed as they become more resistant, by doing that the uke tends to actually flow the technique around the force of their resistant opponent.
This tends to work in my dojo where we do Shodokan (Tomiki) Aikido and there tends to be a lot of resistance during randori.
Expanding on this just slightly just in case someone chooses to read this wrong.

It is very easy to shut down a technique you know is coming. Static resistance during the performance of paired practice has its place but generally its use is misunderstood. It is done not to shut down the techniques but to understand body mechanics.

Randori resistance is the exact opposite. Fluid, body placement and counters. There is as Larry mentioned - flow.

Larry as a Shodokan person is in my mind a little contaminated by Aikikai philosophy however common to both styles is harmonious practice. That does not mean non-resistant dancing but training which maximizes the benefit of both participants.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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