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Re: Defining Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
>and< a connection from your center to your hands than it does with any timing. Its very "ghosty" in feel. We do it with shoves, gi
I feel you on the "ghosty" feel :-D
The second you actually try and put "power" into it, it rebounds into you and causes your muscles to seize up (at least in what I've been doing so far)

Quick question for you Dan,
you done a lot of experimentation with pushups? Most of the tanren, body work has to do with training the lower body. But I've been experimenting with training the upper body in a similar manner as well. I can do one set of about 15 pushups using maximum intention (especially around the back of the knees/spine/upper and lower center area) that will totally tax me out (I can push out about 60-70 meaningless ones btw, just as a yardstick). Breath work is also involved of course, but I've still got a nagging concern that pushing against the ground will feed some "habit" into the muscles and make it more prone to that "rebound" effect.
Of course I try not "pushing" the ground when I do the pushup, but still... ^^;

Any comments, or exercises? (Not relegated to pushups necessarily)
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