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Ai symbol Hmmm Interesting

Originally posted by MikeE
I will tend to remind them of the philosophy underlying aikido...and that until they try harder to grasp it, advancing will be difficult. (A person like this often is very concerned about rank and advancement).
I agree with this 100% the difficult ones tend to always want to know when the next grading is and if they can double grade (which never happens in our dojo ) and stuff like that.

It's as if they see themselves in constant competition with their fellow classmates.

The ukemi drills tend to work great. Another option is to shut down their practice by simply not responding with a technique unless they attack properly.

An option for more experienced practitioners can be to become more relaxed as they become more resistant, by doing that the uke tends to actually flow the technique around the force of their resistant opponent.
This tends to work in my dojo where we do Shodokan (Tomiki) Aikido and there tends to be a lot of resistance during randori.

My 2 cents.

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