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Re: Defining Kokyu

Oisin Bourke wrote:

Short comments on the web are obviously open to interpetation

I actually understood that your comments were geared towards the magazine, but I was, and still am very interested in your comments about Okamoto's technique, as a DR practicioner. mainly becuase his waza is widely available for examination.

"Soutou tanren siterun janai?
Tanren no nakami ga siritai na, waza nannka doudemo iiyo "

Sore ja... What do you think of Okakmoto's "core" (Is that a good translation?)
Hehe, like you said it's open to interpretation so it was just a harmless pre-empt. I wasn't sure if you'd studied with Okamoto before or not ^^;

Hard to tell what Okamoto's "core" is like unless I were to actually feel him. But from the stuff he shows, or at least the manner in which he demo's stuff suggests that the components are all there. Most of his stuff is done from a simple standing position sans stance, which implies he's focused on doing it almost soley using the Kokyu paths.(i think)

Btw, the picture in Hiden showing him having his students lift him up, and then flooring his students from an elevated prone position was one of the demos that Mike mentioned a while back.
Its interesting to watch it in a frame by frame manner.
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