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Re: Defining Kokyu

Robert John wrote:
Actually I thought what they showed of Okamoto Seigo was pretty interesting since most of the stuff captured showed him being mostly in Shizentai. Of course I'd want to feel it for myself, preferbably in a format other than what was shown in the demo.

Btw that demo where they show'd him doing it where someone "suddenly" grabs him, I think there's much more to it than the stupid "timing"/"awaseru"/vector explanation that they gave in the magazine. It's also an extremely hard trick to do. The second someone slams down on your wrists (instead of simply gripping) your muscles tend to react and get in the way. If he does it that smoothly it implies that his body/musculature doesn't react to the oncoming force the way a normal person's would. Soutou tanren siterun janai? Tanren no nakami ga siritai na, waza nannka doudemo iiyo

Not that you took it as such, but my comments about Okamoto Seigo were directed more towards the explanations they gave in the magazine (which I think were crap) and don't really serve to bring anything in the light.

Hellz yeah that Kyudo guy's back is scary. Kao ga kanari oyajikusai kedo, kyudo sika yattenai toha ie, zettee aitenisitaku neee www Butsubusaresou
Hi Rob,

Thanx for the comments.

Short comments on the web are obviously open to interpetation, but I didn't mean to come across as affroted by your comments. I've never even practiced with Okakmoto Sensei! I certainly would be stupid to feel affronted on behalf of someone I don't even know!
(Though he is on my list of "people I'd like to grab")

I actually understood that your comments were geared towards the magazine, but I was, and still am very interested in your comments about Okamoto's technique, as a DR practicioner. mainly becuase his waza is widely available for examination.

So, I guess this being a Kokyu thread, it might be fun to discuss his waza from that perspective.

"Soutou tanren siterun janai?
Tanren no nakami ga siritai na, waza nannka doudemo iiyo "

Sore ja... What do you think of Okakmoto's "core" (Is that a good translation?)

Happy new year

Oisin Bourke
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