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Re: Defining Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
Hi Rob

In fact IMHO the body work is far easier than hand grabs. most guys tend to muscle up the closer their hands are to their wastes. I know I know sounds wierd. Ya'd think it was easier closer to the waste but from my experience...wham...muscle. Usually shoulder and bicep or shoulder and tricep, depending on whether your pullling or pushing.
Think we're on the same page. It actually does make sense. The hand is the furthest point from the body, so there's more stuff to "get in the way" along the path. And like you said, the shoulder/bicep/tricep area is prone to "react", which blocks power from being sent. If you do body work, the areas most prone to being reactive "the shoulder/arm area" are eliminated.
But because its the hardest venue to do the trick that it becomes tanren
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