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Re: Poll: How much progress do you think you made in aikido in 2005?

This was my third year of training, and I learned a lot, including several pointed lessons about the limits of my knowledge. Around last December I was sure I was ready to test for third kyu. Finally tested in November, by which time I was much less sure....

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the difference between right and almost right is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug. I know a lot of "almost right" things.

The single biggest lightbulb of the year was at a seminar. One of the sensei teaching said, "Uke is not in this throw (iriminage) to take ukemi. He is trying to hit nage to start with; then he's trying to come back up and hit him again; when that fails, he is pushing nage over with his hip. If uke never stops the attack, the throw will work." Suddenly instead of falling all over the mat, we novices were doing the throw and it was *working*. (Or sometimes uke would push nage over with his hip, but that was fun too.)

Mary Kaye
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