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Hi Rob

The "instant on" from a wrist grab has more to do with breath >and< a connection from your center to your hands than it does with any timing. Its very "ghosty" in feel. We do it with shoves, gi grabs, and tackles as well. In fact IMHO the body work is far easier than hand grabs. most guys tend to muscle up the closer their hands are to their wastes. I know I know sounds wierd. Ya'd think it was easier closer to the waste but from my experience...wham...muscle. Usually shoulder and bicep or shoulder and tricep, depending on whether your pullling or pushing. If they're pushing on your hands...kind of like slamming down to grab. You can use your pelvis and hip/ back to draw down, and then go over the top with your breath (remember that loading?). Its funny as they don't know why they are slamming into the ground. I think we do something similar to the CMA with the breath to "fill the hand" as well. That dynamic is very different from what I described above.
For demos I have a fun experiment were I let guys pound the shit out of my stomach then I "touch" them on the head and they slam into the mat. The more they lean in and really pound -the easier it is to connect and take them. Its just the same principles applied differently, sometimes with an added weight transfer to the front leg. The demo is actually two very different things going on. One out the other in, one out the other down.
Training freestyle with turning and single/double leg diving and shoving and then the old rote gi grab stuff really helps stay super relaxed and flowing. There is an instant feedback if anything is "stuck" and in the way. I think its fun, mentally relaxing and a good work out for the guys doing the shoving. which we trade off on.
The punching /kicking throwing isn't so much fun...for them. I love it as it is my lab.

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