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Jorge Garcia
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Re: What's happened to Shudokan?

Dave Humm wrote:
Bloody amazing that in an art which so many (regardless of country) adopt without much ado the philosophy yet don't won't adopt the correct usage of the terms as described in this thread.


A question to those who use 'Sensei' before the name, and justify that based upon the native language spoken...

If you were introducing a Japanese instructor face to face to someone would *you* say "Sensei <name>" or "<name> Sensei" ?


I would do it the English way if I was speaking English and the Japanese way if I was speaking Japanese. We have the same thing in Spanish. Our adjectives in Spanish are after the what is being described. In Spanish, we don't say the big boy, the fat elephant or the pretty girl. We say the boy big (muchacho grande) the elephant fat (elefante gordo) and the girl pretty (muchacha bonita). If I was importing the word muchacho into English, I would say the big muchacho. If I was importing the word "boy" into Spanish, I would say the boy grande. If I am speaking in English, it makes sense to say Sensei Ron and if I am speaking in Japanese, it makes sense to say Ron Sensei. One is an English word and one is Japanese. It depends which way the word is being imported.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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