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Re: What's happened to Shudokan?

Hi All

It has been going a while this one and quiet for a bit too!

The old web-site is back and has been for a short time, but in a way that it should be! I am no longer part of Shudokan UK and haven't for a while, so I have brought it back as a tribute to one of my old teachers, the late, great Edwin WJ Stratton Sensei - Founder of the UK Yoshinkan!

Tony asked the question on Aikido Journal about the Shudokan.

The Shudokan in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, and the UK, all come from Thambt Rajah Sensei in Malaysia (The Father of Malaysian Aikido- in the Yoshinkan school). It came to Europe (UK) with Stratton Sensei and on to Canada, France, Germany and Poland.

As for being part of the Yoshinkan, that is just a question of membership. Some parts of the Shudokan are, some are not.

Hope that helps.

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