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Re: Poll: How much progress do you think you made in aikido in 2005?

A lot, considering that before I only practiced on and off, and was never really serious about it. When I returned in June this year, after being out of town for the past two years without any training at all, I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend aikido class again. But having nothing to do, decided to go to one class, just to say hi. Something happed in that class. I had forgotten all of the techniques, but found I had more of a feel for aikido than I had before. I can't really explain it, it is something you would have to experience to understand. Anyway, that is the day I decided to take my training seriously, and haven't missed a day since. During the months between june and december this year, I have officially joined the usaf, passed my first test, relearned the techniques better than I knew them before, started doing some forms of advanced ukemi, developed my visualization and observation skills, went to my first seminar, and found out how little I really know and how much more I would like to learn.
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