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Re: Defining Kokyu

Dan Harden wrote:
One of which and I am practically quoting....
is to keep the back line straight, the tail bone tucked in and your head up. Lift one leg and extend it in front of the other. balance on your foot and let the quads take the load as you squat. Sink to the floor till you think you will fall down and extend your arms out. let your arm extension make you balance so you don't fall. lift and settle while keepin the knee and shin as straight as possible

I don't think they have a clue as to what other benefits are derived from it. I was intrigued by something you said about tension which I will P.M. you on. I think it is related to what I call loading. I reffered to one of these earlier as a method I do as a "sneezing" example with stick.
Sounds like a screamer! I'll have to try it out. That description is probably one of the better ones I've heard (for being pulled out of an exercise manual or something)
Tho the side benefits are hard to realize unless you start understanding exactly which connections you're working, there's still much to be gained from doing that kind of exercise with the total intention of keeping the spine straight etc.
Btw, its funny you mentioned the dancer example awhile back(how you'd like to train one and turn him into the next Tito :-D ) since I was thinking the same thing for a while now.
PM me with your tanren methods? I definitely want to compare notes
Btw, the loading methedology you mention, rather than get into complex mechanical explanations now, it wouldn't have anything to do with "loading" the structure, (kind of like a bow), but when you release you still keep some of the "load" in the legs as you strike? (If that makes any sense).

Btw, I just picked up the latest issue of "Hiden" magazine over here in Japan. Pretty typical Aiki stuff of Okamoto Seigo caught on high speed camera, and having them reduce it to the typical vector/timing explanation <yawn>
What was more interesting was the article on Kyudo. They show this Kyudo dude's back when he's holding the bow taught and.....wooooooooow....
That "#$"# looks mad hardcore. I'll see if I can't get a pic of it.
Anyways looking from the front, his chest is completely relaxed,
but the back is drawn together (still soft) to the center, with elbows dropped etc. Personally I thought it was a rare look into what a person's body looks like when executing a certain tanren hou (body training method). Physiology of the guy also reminds me of the Kongourikisi (Buddha attendant Statue) I posted before, and that I saw in Nara.
Totally bujutsu teki na karada. You look at his face tho, and he looks like your typical oyaji. コワ!

Oh yea, and for those that read Japanese, this month's issue on the Kyudo stuff would definitely be worth reading. Asides from the picture they do go into some depth about how the breath is used to "train" the body to get the skill needed to fire a bow. Basically additional ideas to play around with for those that already have their own tanren methods

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