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I own two gis I would like to get one more(prederably a lighter one) because the two I own are both thick judo gis
and get rather warm in the summer. I like my gis, once they are broken in they are the most comfortable articles of clothing I where. On cold nights instead of grabing a jacket when I need to go out side I will just grab which ever one of my gis happen to be clean and dry. I dry my gis of a radiator in the winter and on the back deck in the summer. I have yet to lose a gi. As for funny stories I have one I was doing rondori with three senior students one night they were all Shodan and above and I am a little(in the sense of rank) 5th kyu so I attacked the uke with a yoko menuchi strike from which he did Koto gaiesh some how he hat caught the edge of my pants on his for, he ended up falling and I ended up ripping my pants nearly in two, Thank fully I had a pair of shorts with me and copntinued training.

Dan Hulley
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